To conserve, protect and restore Michigan's cold water fisheries and their watersheds, including our own Huron River!
The Ann Arbor Chapter of Trout Unlimited welcomes you to view our Website and newsletter, The Reel News. We are a friendly and active chapter. We fish together and work together. We organize several fishing trips each year as well as working trips where we practice “hands on” river habitat restoration. We also host monthly informative meetings each year, from September to May.  Click on the Meeting tab for our newest schedule.
Tight Lines,
Mike Mouradian
AATU Past  President
We will be holding our meetings at Weber’s Ann Arbor Hotel, 3050 Jackson Road, Ann Arbor.  We will be using their Ann Arbor Room, which is located straight back from the hostess station at their restaurant entrance.  We will be able to order food and beverages directly from their menu, so members are encouraged to arrive anytime after 5:30 to have something to eat and to visit and network with other members prior to the actual meeting, which will start at 7:00. Hope to see you there!
Tight Lines,
John Zolan
AATU President

2015-2016 Meeting Schedule


Weber's, Ann Arbor Room
September 14:  
Guide Matt Supinski on the Muskegon River  
on  Reel News for more info.
October 12:  Jen Ripple- Women and Flyfishing
We get it, history isn’t everyone’s shtick. But in fly fishing, knowing a little more about the woman standing on the river next to you is a good thing. Come on out and hear Jen Ripple, Editor-in-Chief of Dun Magazine ( www.DunTheMagazine.com ), speak on the history of women in fly fishing and the rich heritage that comes from Midwest!
November 9: Mike Wiley (UM Fisheries Professor), Shiawassee     Flats and/or the Huron River 
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 3050 Jackson Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48103
 Phone:(734) 769-2500
Activity Updates 2015
Mill Creek Fishing Survey
If you have tried your hand at fishing in Mill Creek near Dexter we would sure like to hear about your experience.  Please fill out form and tell us about it. This vital information will be submitted to the DNR for their continued suport of out fishery. 
September- Facebook Contest
To encourage the use of our page by members, we are holding a contest this month, as follows: Every person who "joins" the AATU facebook page this month will be entered in a raffle to win a box of one dozen Huron River flies. 
1) Click on the  following URL:
2) The AATU page will come up, and just click "Join" in the dropdown menu that appears just below the word "Unlimited" in the AATU logo.  All new AATU Facebook Friends will be included in the raffle.... Read more in the Reel News 
Sept 27 - Fly Fishing class for U of M Flyfishing Club at Gallup Park 11am-3pm.  Also, there will be an Inntermediate Casting Workshop afterwards, starting at 3pm.  Contact Mike Mouradian for more details at:  

October 3 - AATU Mill Creek Electroshock Day.  Contact Bill Phillips at greyghostbp@gmail.com 
for more information.  We need volunteers to
help shock the fish, scooping up fish, and measuring fish.

Nov 7 - Annual Fly Tying Invitational Expo will be held at the Causeway Bay Hotel in Lansing. More info at:
See all articles and information in this month's Reel News
Save April 14, 2016 for the Annual Banquet
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State and Local News 

HRWC’s woody debris maintenance program, piloted in 2014, has expanded its staffing and impact. As the spring (and early summer) high waters recede, Ann Arbor Trout Unlimited (AATU) members have been working in conjunction with HRWC to keep Mill Creek open for fishing and paddling. Click here to read more.
 While on our page, join the group to get the  latest fishing news, activities at our local fly  shops and ecology groups, fly-tying hints,  and member posts.  

Want to Change Your TU Chapter ?

When you join Trout Unlimted, you are then assigned to a specific chapter to attend meetings at or to volunteer your talents with. Sometimes, the chapter's meeting location that you are assigned to is much further away than a neighboring chapter.  Can you switch chapters?  The answer is "yes". 
An active TU member may change his/her chapter affiliation by: E-mailing: TUmembership@tu.org .  In your e-mail, include your name and address, and say that you wish to be assigned to Chapter 127 – Ann Arbor. 
Or, you can change it by calling: 1-800-834-2419 and making the same request.
A monthly newsletter to keep you informed.
Michigan Aquaculture Expansion Update

In the spring issue of Michigan Trout we brought to your attention the issue of increasing the amount of Aquaculture (commercial fish production) within Michigan and the Great Lakes.  This article can be found on page 12 of Michigan Trout Spring 2015 view it online at the following address:  http://tinyurl.com/klkk9z2

At the Summer Michigan TU Board meeting, we presented and approved the Michigan TU Aquaculture Policy Position.  This policy can be reviewed online at the following address: http://tinyurl.com/pf424eh 

Today, Mark Bayshore of Current State Radio program (WKAR, Public radio from Michigan State University) interviewed our Executive Director Dr. Bryan Burroughs to help educate the public about the Great Lakes fish farming proposals.  This interview was taped live this morning, and aired at 9:30am, they will rebroadcast the segment between 6 - 7 pm.  It can also be found at this link:   http://wkar.org/programs/current-state-905-wkar

Lake Michigan Sees 75% Plunge in Lake Michigan Salmon Population
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9-30-15 Detroit Free Press pg. 1A
Fish Farms Threaten Great Lakes
Lynda Lohrer Believes Cage Fishing Proposals are Rooted in Lies
Click here to read more. 9-27-15 Sunday's Detroit Free Press, pg. 5 D
Permit Seems a Bit Fishy
Lynda Lohrer smells trouble for the Au Sable with Trout Farming
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7-12-15 Sunday's Detroit Free Press, pg. 12 C
Early CDR Bass Season Still on Hook 
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9-13-15 Detroit Free Press , pg. 6C.
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